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Come join me...
I am glad you are here

Collins Project's is collective and multifaceted, much like my own personality and DNA. My goal is to create a platform for my creative endeavors. A platform for advocating, connecting, creating and educating. These pillars in my life provide as a foundation and propel me forward. 


Collective (adjective)

1. Formed by collection

2. Forming a whole; combined

3. Of or characteristic of a group of individuals taken together

4. Organized according to the principles of collectivism                                                                                                                                           (taken from Collins dictionary of course)

My passions

Whichever platform we connect on; I want to explore your goals with you. Let's expand together. 

Advocate: Do we have similar efforts to promote and support? Let's unite. 

Connect: Like to learn more or just connect? Let's chat

Educate: Have desire to grow and develop with me? Let's connect.

Photography: Want to a photo session to capture your life phase? Let's work.



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